About me

I've had a unique path leading up to design.

I studied math & information systems at Waterloo, which helped me become data-driven and systematic in my design (data is cool 📈)

After university, I worked in finance & valuations. I researched and interviewed hundreds of businesses to build cases for litigations & forensic investigations🕵️

My mission

I'm grateful to have found design — where my passion, skills, and experiences seemed to have collided. And now I'm on a mission to give back and create meaningful impact. Here are few things I'm doing:

Building awesome communities  

Helping others discover their true talent - I've been mentoring my once-interns for the 3rd year now 

Practicing kindness each day 🙂

3 (fun) facts about me

01 / My nickname in high school was "Jean Machine," which was the name of a popular clothing brand back then. Sadly the company went down, but here I am, continuing on the legacy 🤖

02 / I learned Spanish in a university language program in Medellin, Colombia. Gracias Señor Jose, puedo hablar español que viajo sin problemas!

03 / loved drawing as a kid. After exploring and getting inspired from many museums in my trip overseas, I decided to take up on drawing again. Here are some of my pen & marker drawings:

Let's connect 🙂

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