#1 pie chart maker on Figma


I was making pie charts for my case study, and it was difficult without arc control. So we made a plugin for it over the Christmas holiday!


A Figma plugin that makes pie charts with your data, clean vectors, and easily customizable with labels and colors

Launched on January 1, 2021 🎉

#1 pie chart maker on Figma! 


Me + Simon Yates (fellow Figma enthusiast)

Visual Design


Design System



In the File

It's a plugin with a small modal screen. But you still gotta do things right, right?

More to Come

This was a super fun holiday project. There were a lot more math than expected, but the challenge made it more interesting.
And the best part is seeing it in the wild! 

We're both makers at heart. We love making things for the community and will continue!
Many more ideas are being brewed ☕️